Understanding Settlement Negotiations with Insurance Adjusters – By a New York Car Accident Attorney Resource

When filing a claim for an auto accident crash, New York car accident attorneys understand that it’s not just about getting through the negotiations as quickly as possible so that they can move on to assist their next client. Many victims feel that their cases should produce quick results, but most of the time, getting […]

How to Get Compensated for Pain and Suffering after a Crash: By a Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer Resource

Los Angeles car accident lawyers understand that there are no states in the U.S. that guarantee payment for pain and suffering for victims after a wreck. Quite often, unless an experienced attorney is working the case, hard costs for an accident are the only costs that receive any type of payment from the other driver’s […]

Are Prior Injuries Affecting Your Car Crash Claim? Advice from a Los Angeles Auto Accident Lawyer Resource

One of the issues Los Angeles auto accident lawyers run into quite frequently is working with clients who had injuries prior to a car accident. As you can imagine, when the case is not the hands of an experienced attorney, this can cause a lot of problems when filing an accident claim. Many clients find […]

New York Car Accident Attorney Resource Advises on Sending a Notification Letter after a Crash

A qualified New York car accident attorney will inform you that sending a notification letter is a very crucial part when you’re beginning to form your case for an auto crash settlement. The letter is designed to inform that at-fault party of your intention to seek compensation for your injuries and any and all damages […]

New York Car Accident Lawyer Resource Advises: How to Write an Excellent Personal Injury Demand Letter

When you hire a New York car accident lawyer, one of the first pieces of documentation that he or she will work on for you is what’s called a personal injury demand letter. This letter is separate from the documentation you supply to your lawyer, which includes medical bills, car repair estimates and hospital records. […]

Determining Liability After a Crash – Advice from a Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney Resource

Each year, millions of dollars are paid out to compensate car crash victims. Working with a Los Angeles car accident attorney generally results in higher payout amounts, but before you reach the point of filing a claim, it’s important to understand the term liability and what that means for you in your case. At CarAccidentCases.com, […]

4 Mistakes Often Made When Negotiating Car Accident Settlements – By a Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer Resource

When negotiating car accident settlements on your own, mistakes are very common. Working with a Los Angeles car accident lawyer is always the best way to make sure you’re not missing something when you file your claim. Still, many people decide to go ahead and handle their own cases, and they do this for a […]

New York Pedestrian Accident Lawyers Provide Assistance to Those Involved in Hit and Runs

Hit and run accidents often involve pedestrians as well as other automobiles on the road. New York pedestrian accident lawyers are often amazed at how many individuals file claims as pedestrians who are involved with these types of crashes. Many people don’t realize that pedestrians have certain rights, and they’re much different from the rights […]

New York Car Accident Lawyers Advise about Filing a Personal Injury Claim in a Hit and Run Accident

New York car accident lawyers often advise clients who have been involved in a hit and run accident. A hit and run refers to drivers who crash into other vehicles, pedestrians or property and then flee the scene of the wreck. You might be surprised to find that many car accidents are actually hit and […]

Understanding Personal Injury Settlement for Car Accident Cases, Part Two – By a Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer

Thank you for joining us for the second post in our series on understanding your personal injury settlement for your car accident. You already know the importance of contacting an experienced Los Angeles car accident lawyer, and we’ve talked about damages for a car accident and how that affects your personal injury claim. At CarAccidentCases.com, […]