Video Games Could Improve Vehicle Safety

Who doesn’t enjoy video games? They provide that much needed escape from the real world; well not for long. Video games are now being used to test real-world vehicles. The rated M for mature video game that every underage kid seems to have, Grand Theft Auto, is now being used by engineers in ways you […]

The Facts Behind Dashboard Camera Legality in the U.S.

Dashboard cameras have quickly become one of the more common vehicle accessories. They were first introduced to Americans in the 80s as police departments had VHS recorders mounted in their vehicles. It is said that they were used to ensure the safety of officers surveying rural areas. The original dashboard camera was very bulky and […]

3 Tips For Sharing the Road with Semi Trucks

Sharing the road with semi trucks can be intimidating. These immense vehicles rise higher and stretch longer than any other vehicle on the road. Not to mention, these trucks often have equally massive, exposed loads which can range from multiple vehicles to forestry. While a large majority of semi trucks have their contents enclosed, many […]