5 Holiday Driving Tips

The holidays are meant to be a time of joy, not pain. Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter are popular American holidays that result in a mass migration of people across the nation. Labor Day, Memorial Day, and Veterans Day are also major holidays that are known for drawing large crowds. As everyone is eager to meet […]

Top 4 Most Dangerous Driving Habits

The possibility of a car accident looms whenever you get behind the wheel of a vehicle. That possibility increases when drivers fail to drive safely. Many people are quick to deflect blame for a car accident, but operator error is the cause of a vast majority of car accidents. Here are the four most dangerous […]

Are Cars Safer than SUVs?

We all do our best to stay safe on the road. From learning how to share the road with large trucks to avoiding driving distractions, we try to minimize the chance of an accident as much as possible. Vehicle safety is also a significant consideration. Those with higher safety ratings are likely to be the […]

How do you Discourage Distracted Driving?

Distracted driving is more than just using your cell phone when you are behind the wheel; it also includes grooming, looking for items, using the radio, and any other activity that may take your attention away from the road. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that distracted driving claimed 3, 477 lives in 2015. […]