What Happens When a Self-Driving Car Causes a Fatality?

Technology is always improving and evolving. Self-driving cars are a prime example of how far technology has come. The algorithms behind automated vehicles are becoming more advanced; however, these vehicles are still involved in accidents. These accidents force society to admit that there is serious uncertainty concerning this technology.

Does Hands-Free Mean Risk Free?

Ever since the development of vehicle-based hands-free phone systems, the debate has raged regarding whether they are truly safe for drivers and whether they are technically safer than talking on a handheld device. According to a new English study, researchers have found that hands-free systems do not eliminate the danger of a car accident.

Can I Sue for Getting PTSD From a Car Accident?

Most people know that when they suffer physical injuries in a car crash, they can recover from the negligent driver for their injuries. However, most car crashes leave far more than just physical scars. What many people don’t know is that a victim can also recover damages for emotional injuries or mental anguish. This includes […]

Speeding Sanctions Differ Across The United States

Driving at an unsafe speed and in violation of posted state limits is not wise. People, however, do make mistakes and find themselves coasting a little faster than they realize. They learn the folly of their ways after being pulled over for speeding and cited with an expensive ticket. In some states, the penalties for […]