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brooklynWhile New York City is the most populated city in the United States, according to the latest city population statistics, Brooklyn has the highest population of NYC’s five boroughs. Home to approximately 2,636,735 in 2015, Brooklyn’s population surpasses that of quite a few countries.  With high a density population comes heavy traffic congestion, and with heavy traffic comes car accidents on a daily basis.

Statistics from the  Department of Motor Vehicles of New York State reveal that in 2015 alone, of the 3,627,513 drivers licenses issued in New York City, 983,769 of those were to Brooklyn drivers.  Because Brooklyn is one of the busiest places to drive, car accidents are very common. While speeding and negligences of the drivers are often to blame, environmental factors of the roads are often the cause of many accidents.

New York City endures four seasons yearly and because of the changing weather between hot and cold, the roads are in constant need of maintenance. Here are a list of environmental factors that have led to car accidents all across New York City: 

  • Slippery Roads/Pavements – 25,510 cases in 2015
  • Glare – 2,539 cases in 2015
  • Obstruction/Debris – 1,828 cases in 2015
  • Non-Working Traffic Control Devices – 205 cases in 2015
  • Improper or faded Lane Marking – 136 cases in 2015

A car accident can be stressful to both you and your family. Depending on the severity of the situation, you can be left with a traumatic experience and the bodily scars as a constant reminder of the incident. This is in addition to the financial burden that you may face. If this happens you will need someone to guide you through this process and fortunately, there are many experienced car accident attorneys in Brooklyn who are able to help.

Brooklyn is different from all the other boroughs so hiring an attorney who is familiar with the neighborhoods will be beneficial for your case. If you or your loved one have been hurt in a car accident, you must first seek medical attention immediately for treatment. Gain access to all your medical and insurance paperwork as you may need them later to file your claim. Only after this is it important that you quickly get in touch with a Brooklyn auto accident attorney to stand with you.

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