Car Accidents and Back Injuries

Back Pain

Back Pain

One of the most common experiences for anyone who has been in a car accident is thinking they didn’t get hurt, only to find out in the following days that they have back injuries or neck pain. During a car accident your body responds to the trauma by pumping adrenaline and endorphins into your blood stream. This helps you cope with the immediate consequences of the car accident, but also can mask pain and discomfort. After a day or two as your endorphin and adrenaline levels return to normal, you may find stiffness and pain in your neck and back.

Why So Many Neck and Back Injuries?

The human body is an amazingly resilient creation. But, it was not engineered to withstand the forces involved in a car accident. The spinal column that runs from the base of your head down to your tailbone allows for flexible movement within a limited range of motion. It protects the nerves and your spinal cord that also runs form the base of your skull down your back. The spinal column is good at protecting the fragile spinal cord and nerves from injury from direct impact, but when your spinal column gets twisted beyond its typical range of motion, many of the tiny pieces that make up the spinal column can get damaged, or moved out of alignment and put pressure or damage nerves, or in extreme cases your spinal cord.

These injuries can be extremely painful because there are so many nerves that can get pinched or damaged, and because the nerves are so sensitive to pressure.

Problems Wit Back Injuries

Back injuries are difficult to treat. Most doctors only treat the symptoms of back pain with painkillers in the hopes that the body will correct itself. Chiropractors specialize in back and neck pain, but they are often viewed with suspicion from other doctors and insurance companies.

This suspicion is because even the best neurologists don’t fully understand the full workings of the spinal column. Back injuries are tough to diagnose because even a small bit of pressure can cause lots of pain in one person, but no pain in another person. There are also so many nerves that the cause of the pain can be tough to diagnose.

The harder it is to find out what’s wrong, the more doctors you end up seeing.

Insurance Companies and Back Pain

Insurance companies make money by not paying out on claims. When they see a personal injury claim with back pain and a lot of visits to doctors, chiropractors, and message therapists, they think they have a chance not to pay.

They often will demand second opinions from doctors who have never found a case of back pain. They claim you are over treating. Their position is back pain is tough to treat and diagnose so it must also be easy to fake.

What You Can Do

If you have back pain because of a car accident, you need to take charge of your treatment. Make sure you keep track of what works and what doesn’t. Stand up for yourself with your doctors and tell them you are in pain.

When it comes to working with car insurance adjusters you will probably need help. Often the only way to resolve your claim will be to hire a knowledgeable car accident lawyer who can help you fight the insurance company for the settlement you deserve.