What is Causing Pain After a Car Accident?

Car accidents can cause serious trauma to the body due to the high impact force. The neck and back are especially crucial to the body, but are sensitive to force. When a car crashes into something, the inertia causes the body to head in that direction. At some point, the car door or seat belt will stop that forward movement. This force creates serious pressure on the neck and back. Whiplash can cause many different spinal injuries. Two of the most severe injuries are disc injuries and facet joint injuries.

Discogenic Injuries

Discogenic injuries are a result of trauma to the spinal disc. The discs work as a cushioning system, providing movement and stability. Some of the most common discogenic injuries are lumbar sprains, disc herniation, and spinal stenosis. People who receive discogenic pain often feel a sharp pain. The pain may stay in one damaged area, or it may spread to the groin, legs, and feet. The painful area worsens when those affected sit down for long periods of time or when they bend over.

Lower Back Pain

The lumbar spine has multiple vertebrae with discs. However, the discs lose moisture over time, which can lead to increased risks of a potential serious injury, where a MRI may need to be administered to take medical action

Treating the Pain

The most common ways to treat discogenic pain are through physical therapy and anti-inflammatory medications. If the pain continues to linger, then a Corticosteroid injection may be necessary.

Facet Joint Injuries

Facet joints are important. The joints are surrounded by a thick membrane that lubricates the joints. Facet joints allow for strong movement throughout the body. The joints have lots of nerve endings that can cause serious pain when they are damaged. Facet joint pain can cause the spine to fall out of alignment, which causes severe back pain. The severity of facet joint injuries varies.

Treatment Options

Facet joint injuries can be seen with a simple X-ray. To have a more detailed look at the damage, doctors may perform a CT scan. Hot and cold therapy is popular way to deal with facet joint pain. A massage can also provide comfort to the injury. If the pain does not go away, people sometimes seek the help of a chiropractor.

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