How a Dashboard Camera Can Help Prove Your Car Accident Case

Dashboard cameras have many uses. The footage captured can be used to monitor a new driver’s commute, as film for a motion picture, or to simply show off your driving skills. Probably the most important use of dashcam footage is to capture parking accidents and prove fault in an auto accident.

Dashcams provide a first person account of the road ahead and a few lanes on both sides. The footage captured can be reviewed, downloaded, and shared at the freedom of the owner. Police officers were one of the first to use such cameras as a way to monitor their activity. The footage was not only useful for officer safety, but was also a big hit in pop culture as people realized how much they enjoyed the adventures of a police officer.

In many European countries, insurance fraud had become such a common practice that many drivers installed dashcams to fight against these claims. Americans are now slowly realizing that their dashboard cameras may be more useful than they thought.

Conflicting Accounts of an Auto Accident

In the case of a multi car accident, it is more likely than not that there will be conflicting accounts. It is natural for individuals to look out for their own best interests which is why every driver may have a slightly different recollection of what occurred. There are not always witnesses who can provide an unbiased account of the accident, which can make proving fault all the more difficult. Depending on the state, who is at fault in an auto accident can be the difference in you receiving financial compensation or having to pay for the other party’s damages.

A dashcam can clear that all up. If you were cut off and rear-ended the car in front of you or had your parked car backed up into, you would have reliable footage of what happened before, during, and after the accident with a dashcam installed. In the case of a hit-and-run, a dashboard camera can capture the license plate number of the car speeding off and help law enforcement track the culprit down.

The implementation of a dashboard camera can be the change you never knew you needed. They have a wide range of uses and continue to bring auto accident cases and insurance fraud attempts to justice.

Your dashboard camera may be able to record the events of an accident, but you still need a qualified car accident attorney who can stand up to stubborn insurance companies. Car Accident Cases has the legal resources to get you in touch with a local car accident attorney. Your attorney can analyze your dashcam footage to develop a strong case for your claim. He or she will make you aware of the necessary ensuing steps. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.