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Automobile accidents can change lives in the blink of an eye with absolutely no warning. Even in accidents that do not appear serious, specific injuries can still leave a life-long problem of dealing the diminished capacity to work while managing a disability. This is not to mention the medical bills and property damage that is also associated with an accident. In addition, negotiating with the respondent insurance company can also be a frustrating experience because insurance claims adjusters are trained professionals who look for any opportunity to deny or reduce the total value of a claim for personal injuries. The potential for not being fairly is always present in some form unless the injured claimant retains a legal professional who can represent the case aggressively and effectively.

What Your Harlem NY Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer Can Do
Car accident cases can be complicated issues when the insurance company and the actual defendant are being difficult. Attempting to handle the case personally can allow the insurance provider to bargain in bad faith and work at increasing the plaintiff’s contribution to causation of the accident, which can ultimately reduce the total settlement value. Your Harlem NY attorney can gather all case particulars and craft a competing version of events that can not only result in maximum insurance coverage allowances, but could potentially include a claim against an employer or parts manufacturer when an accident involves a commercial vehicle.

Potential Damages
Standard automobile accidents are usually settled based on recovery for medical bills and lost wages, along with compensation for non-economic pain and suffering. Younger injured drivers may have a considerably larger claim for lost wages when the accident results in disability, as well as resulting in a significant settlement for long-term physical problems. In wrongful death claims, loss of consortium can also be available for spouses and dependent children, and parents in some instances. Also, in egregious case claims, many times punitive damages can be applied when a sympathetic jury decides the plaintiff was guilty of gross negligence.

Never settle quickly with an insurance company following an accident without consulting with a Harlem NY personal injury and car accident attorney first who can evaluate your case for full and equitable available damages.