Most Common Accidents in NYC

fender bender

New York City is home to over 8 million people with over 50 million more visiting the area year round. In such a congested area, the possibility of a car accident is inevitable. You have everyone from the restless businessman that takes pride in beating the red light, to the lost tourist who can’t drive […]

How Do I Know If My Vehicle Was Defective In A Car Accident?

Due to the traumatizing nature of car accidents, victims may experience latency in reacting to a defected vehicle. It may take weeks, or even months before their realization of faulty equipment comes over the operator of the vehicle. Rarely, will someone who has just been the victim of a car accident realize that their collision […]

Why is New York banning driverless cars?

These days, it is difficult to look anywhere and not see self-driving vehicles making headlines. The popularity of the vehicles has only increased in recent years as the reality of self-driving cars operating on the road has become more than a possibility but an actual eventuality. As companies like Google, Uber, Lyft, Tesla, Ford, and […]

When To Get A New York Car Accident Lawyer Involved

Do you really need a lawyer’s help after you were in a car accident? That’s a tricky question with no easy answer. if you were not hurt in the accident and your car is in a decent condition, you can probably go forward without working with an attorney. If you or any other involved party […]

Are Self-Driving Cars Smart For New York?

New York is falling behind when it comes to embracing the latest in technology due to needless red tape and outdated legislation preventing self-driving cars from being tested in the city. Part of the problem is a law passed in 1971, which requires that drivers keep at least one hand on the steering wheel when […]

New York Auto Crash Lawyer Resource Discusses Passenger Rights Following an Accident

New York auto crash lawyer resource covers passenger accidents and how they should respond to being involved in an accident. Public transportation and private transportation are covered. For Immediate Release: One New York auto crash lawyer resource has taken on the subject of passengers who are in car accidents. This is a topic that often […]

Los Angeles Auto Wreck Attorney Resource Assists Those in Need of Compensation for Property Damage

Los Angeles car wreck attorney resource advises victims of car accidents regarding property damage and getting compensated for all types of losses. Filing a claim and compensation are discussed. For Immediate Release: According to one Los Angeles auto wreck attorney resource, not all car accidents end up with victims who have serious injuries. Even so, […]

How to Get Compensated for Property Damaged After a Car Crash, Part Two – From a Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer Resource

Thank you for checking back for the second post in our series on how to get compensated for property that has been damaged after a car crash. Once you contact a Los Angeles car accident lawyer, it’s vital for you to start preparing everything you need to prepare for filing your claim. In our first […]