Car Accident Injuries that can Cause Paralysis

Particular accident-related injuries can potentially become permanent and result in paralysis. Individuals who suffer these injuries often require extensive, comprehensive medical treatment, as well as long-term physical therapy and other types of continuous care. In some cases, car accident victims become wheelchair bound disallowing them from resuming life as they knew it. Some people end […]

Who is at Fault in a Chain Reaction Accident?

One of the many types of car accidents is a “chain reaction” car crash. This is when three or more vehicles are involved in a series of accidents that start with one collision. When this type of car accident occurs, it’s often difficult to determine who is at fault. In some instances, multiple people may […]

3 Safety Tips for Traveling with Your Dog

Everyone knows how much dogs love going for rides in the car and as pet owners, we love having them by our side. They can provide much-needed companionship and are all ears when you’re ready to tell them about your day. With everything they do, it’s only right that you go the extra mile to […]

How to Safely Merge onto the Highway

Driving within the confines of the law can sometimes be difficult. There are definite rules that govern how people should drive in any number of circumstances, but it can become a bit complicated once you actually get on the road. Many motorists who have been driving for years still have questions regarding intricacies of particular […]

What are the Most Common Auto Accident Injuries?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), at least three million people get involved in vehicle accidents per year. The injuries sustained vary according to numerous factors including: The point of impact The speed of the vehicle(s) The vehicle’s safety equipment The security of passengers With the specifics of the accident aside, here […]

Safest and Most Dangerous States to Drive In

When it comes to driving safety, certain states fare better than others. Here’s what you need to know about the states with the best safety statistics and those where driving is more dangerous. The Safest States by Fatalities Safewise ranked the states based on the number of driving fatalities per 1,000 residents. They found that […]

What is Causing Pain After a Car Accident?

Car accidents can cause serious trauma to the body due to the high impact force. The neck and back are especially crucial to the body, but are sensitive to force. When a car crashes into something, the inertia causes the body to head in that direction. At some point, the car door or seat belt […]

The Three Types of Distracted Driving

Driving while distracted greatly increases the chances of being in an accident. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about nine people die every day as a result of distracted driving. More than 1,000 others are injured. Primary Driving Distractions Although anything that diverts a driver’s attention from the task of operating […]

What Happens When a Self-Driving Car Causes a Fatality?

Technology is always improving and evolving. Self-driving cars are a prime example of how far technology has come. The algorithms behind automated vehicles are becoming more advanced; however, these vehicles are still involved in accidents. These accidents force society to admit that there is serious uncertainty concerning this technology.