Improper Turning Accident

Every year, thousands of serious car accidents occur as a result of drivers improperly turning. Making an improper turn can put a vehicle directly in front of or in the path of another car. This is one of the most common causes of car accidents in the United States, and it can lead to severe injuries and even death. It’s important for drivers to know all about improper turns so that they can identify them and take measures to avoid making them.

Examples of Improper Turns

Several types of improper turns can cause a car accident. The most common include making a turn:

  • At a stop sign or red light without first coming to a complete stop or yielding to other vehicles or pedestrians.
  • At a red light when doing so is prohibited
  • Without signaling
  • Without having the right of way

Causes of Improper Turns Accidents

Analyzing the scene of an improper turning accident can help one determine if improper turning was a result of the terrain or a negligent decision made by an impaired driver. With that in mind, many other factors may be present in this type of accident.

To get a driver’s license, a person must display to a Department of Motor Vehicles instructor that they know how to make a proper turn. In many cases, drivers make improper turns due to laziness or poor decision-making, so lack of knowledge isn’t a valid defense for drivers who commit this infraction.

Tips on Avoiding Accidents Caused by Improper Turns

It’s important to take the necessary measures to avoid making an improper turn because it can help to prevent an accident. Take heed of these safe turning tips:

  • Make your turn in a single, smooth motion.
  • Slow down while preparing to make a turn.
  • Ignore excessive honking when a driver behind you is impatient.
  • Only turn when you know it’s safe.
  • Never make a turn where it’s illegal.
  • Look for road signs that allow for turns and follow them.
  • Look for oncoming traffic before making a turn.
  • Always ensure that you have the right of way.

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