How to Mentally Prepare for Driving in NYC

Driving in New York City is not going to be easy. People are always in a hurry in NYC. You need to remain alert at all times. You cannot afford to be distracted by anything.  According to the latest estimates by the U.S Census Bureau, New York City’s population is approximately 8,537,673, as of July 2016.  You’re about to drive in the most populated and congested city in the entire country, but don’t worry as we’ve got some tips on how to be mentally prepared.

Traffic Traffic Traffic

With millions of people on the road both walking and driving, there will be traffic.  Schedule all of your appointments and activities with traffic in mind. Whether its construction or an accident, traffic jams are very common in NYC. Check the local traffic conditions before driving to adjust your route and give yourself more time.

Leave Earlier

NYC is certainly the city that never sleeps, but that doesn’t mean there are no quiet hours. While you are still likely to experience some traffic jams in the hours before dawn, an earlier drive means less people on the road and less chances of arriving to work late.

Exercise Deep Breathing Before You Drive

Sometimes,something as simple as taking a moment to breathe and block out the rest of the world for a minute can give you the stability you need. Deep breathing exercises can calm down the more excited neurons firing off in your head and doesn’t cost a cent to practice. Make sure you meditate before you start operating a vehicle, not during.


Many of the roads in NYC run according to a grid-like structure with numbered streets and avenues. With that being said, there are multiple ways to get to the same location because of this structure. Having access to a GPS will be the perfect accessory to assist you in learning multiple routes especially, it there are accidents you may need to avoid.  

Keep Your Cool

While driving in NYC, there may be moments where you will become overwhelmed. Remember to always remain calm and focused on the road. Be on the lookout for negligent drivers, observe the rules of the road and you will have a much easier driving experience in the big city.

The tips above should mentally prepare you for driving in NYC, however, like any busy metropolis, accidents do happen. In the event that you do end up in a car accident, it important to have access to a lawyer before speaking to any other representative. At Car Accident Cases, we will evaluate your case and connect you with a car accident lawyer in your area. Contact us online or by phone at (516) 582-4367.