Public Bus Accident Attorney

bus through shattered windowWhen you are commuting on a public bus, you are expected to be safely transported from one location to the next. The last thing you expect to happen is to be a passenger in a public bus accident. Many public transportation vehicles are not equipped with the necessary seating restraints. This increases the chances of you suffering a severe injury from being thrown out of your seat. You injuries may range from whiplash to a laceration from airborne glass. Suffering any of these injuries can seriously affect your quality of living and leave you with an array of medical bills. You should not be held responsible for these bills. Seek the counsel of a public bus accident attorney to find out how to go about receiving maximum compensation for your public bus accident.

Types of Public Bus Accidents

Public bus accidents have the possibility of injuring many individuals. Depending on the bus, there can be 50 or more passengers on the bus at a time. When the driver gets into an accident, he puts all his passengers in danger. The present dangers vary almost as much as the variation in public buses. We explore the dangers presented in the most common public buses.

School Bus

School buses nationwide transport our children to and from school. We expect the drivers to present the safest conditions for our children; however, this doesn’t always happen. School bus drivers have been caught driving under the influence and erratic driving. Their careless disregard has the possibility of endangering your children as they are likely not secured into a seat. A bus accident can eject your child from their seats, causing incredible damage.

City Transport Bus

City buses are a trusted transportation source for millions of Americans. A public bus accident is highly dangerous simply because of the amount of people that they transport at a time. These passengers could be standing or seated but are equally susceptible to being thrown into the next passenger at the moment of impact, injuring all parties involved.

If you are in a public bus accident, do not hesitate to seek legal representation. You have rights as a passenger of a public bus and they need to be protected. Car Accident Cases has the resources to get you the representation you need. We can connect you with a local public bus accident attorney that can analyze the facts of the case and discuss your legal options. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.