The Dangers of Hydroplaning

water splashing from carDriving in the rain can be extremely dangerous. Not only is there decreased visibility, but the roads are covered with water. This causes many drivers to panic as they are uninformed on how to properly commute on wet roads. Some drivers tend to slow down to drastically low speeds which can cause accidents if they forget to turn on their hazard lights or are traveling on highways with speeding vehicles. Other drivers will continue to travel at high speeds in an attempt to get off the roads faster. No matter your driving style, the dangers of hydroplaning will always loom large on wet roads.

Hydroplaning occurs when a car tire is faced with an overwhelming amount of water. Tires are designed with grooves to channel the water through while maintaining traction. What causes a car to hydroplane is when tires rotate and push the excess water underneath, creating a thin layer of water between the road and the tire. The tire then loses friction and rotates freely in the layer of water. This causes you to lose control of braking, speed, and steering which can send you skidding across the road.

What to do if You Hydroplane

When you realize your car is hydroplaning, it important that you stay calm. Overcorrecting, speeding up, or slamming on the brakes can send you into a tailspin and in the path of oncoming traffic. When your tires lose traction with the road in a:

Front-Wheel Drive Vehicle (w/ traction control and antilock brake system)

  • Do not swerve
  • Identify an empty space in front of you or on side of road
  • Lightly accelerate toward that area

Rear-Wheel Drive Vehicle (without traction control or antilock brake system)

  • Do not swerve
  • Identify open area that will allow you to regain control
  • Steer into direction of open area
  • Lightly release the accelerator

Follow these tips when hydroplaning to avoid a catastrophic accident from occurring. Individuals who improperly manage their vehicles during a hydroplane run the risk of losing control of their vehicle, sliding across the road, and rolling over. This can lead to many serious injuries including head trauma, broken bones, sprains, and lacerations.

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