Truck Accidents

Accidents involving trucks are very different from accidents involving cars. Truck drivers and truck companies are subject to federal and state laws. These laws are circulated through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Because truck drivers are held to higher standards, the trucking company will do everything in their power to cover their bases. While a truck driver’s failure to follow these regulations may result in a court date with these laws as evidence of negligence, you need a lawyer present to prepare you for what lies ahead.  

What is the difference between a car accident and a truck accident?

While everyone on the road is required to have a valid driver’s licenses and follow basic traffic laws, truck drivers have to follow additional federal and state laws. Trucks are also prone to certain types of accidents to which other vehicles are not. When passenger cars a hit by trucks, it’s usually the cars that receive the brunt of the damage. The vehicle may be totaled and the passengers may have serious injuries.  

Trucking accidents can also be the result of equipment failure. The truck driver may be held responsible because they are required to inspect and ensure that their equipment is functioning correctly. Failure to inspect equipment may also put the trucking company at fault.

Truck Related Injuries

Perhaps one of the greatest difference between a truck and a car accident would be the extent of the injuries involved. A fully loaded truck can weigh approximately 80,000 pounds while the average car is only about 3,000 pounds.  Accidents involving cars and trucks tend to produce serious injuries. Because of this, truck drivers carry a much higher insurance with huge liability limits.

In the event of an accident, the passenger vehicle driver may sustain multiple serious injuries.  These can include:

  • Brain Injuries
  • Neck and back injuries
  • Collapsed Lungs
  • Broken Ribs
  • Vocal cord paralysis
  • Leg and Knee Injuries

While the passenger car driver may be subject to the injuries above, the truck driver may have little to no injuries at all.

Truck accidents have the reputation of being complicated. This is because of the multiple parties that may be involved investigating and evaluation the case. Truck accident victims must be prepared for what lies ahead. An attorney understands the importance of filing the appropriate court documents on time and will be there to give advice and guide you through this process. At Car Accident Cases, we understand that time is an important factor in all accident cases. Our job is to evaluate your case and connect you with an experienced lawyer in your area. Contact us today for a free consultation.