Van Accident Attorney

Vans come in the form of passenger and cargo vehicles. These vehicles have a high ceiling to accommodate loads of various sizes. Passenger vans are slightly different. These vehicles can carry up to 15 passengers and are built long rather than tall. While the specifics may vary, vans are highly prone to accidents.

Vans are known to be slow-moving vehicles, but their innate qualities make sharing the roads with them dangerous. A simple overcorrection or jerk of the steering wheel can cause a van to rollover. Oncoming drivers are then forced to slam on their brakes, increasing the chances of a multi-car pile up. Suffering a van accident injury can require costly medical treatment and days away from work. Be sure to contact an experienced van accident attorney to discuss your legal options.

Van Facts and Precautions

Much like SUVs, vans have a high center of gravity which makes them more likely to roll over in an accident. Many advances have been made in van construction including the addition of rollover sensors, crash sensors, and stabilizer bars, but they are still hazardous vehicles. Passenger and cargo vans both have:

  • A naturally high center of gravity that rises with each additional passenger (or increased cargo)
  • Flat sides that add to instability in crosswinds
  • Unbalanced weight distribution configuration which contributes to under inflated tires that lead to tire blowouts

Manufacturers have done very little to improve upon these issues, and some have even made their vehicles taller, further raising their center of gravity. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration continues to set clear safety precautions about the use of vans:

  • Keep passenger loads between five and ten people as fully packed 15-passenger vehicles are three times more likely to roll over
  • Check tire pressure regularly
  • Replace tires according to manufacturer guidelines
  • Position cargo and seat passengers ahead of the rear axle when possible
  • Allow only qualified drivers to operate 15-passenger vehicles

It is crucial that you have an experienced attorney on your side in the event of a van accident. Car Accident Cases can get you in touch with a local van accident attorney who can seek maximum compensation for your injuries. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.