Video Games Could Improve Vehicle Safety

Who doesn’t enjoy video games? They provide that much needed escape from the real world; well not for long. Video games are now being used to test real-world vehicles. The rated M for mature video game that every underage kid seems to have, Grand Theft Auto, is now being used by engineers in ways you may have never imagined.

For those who aren’t familiar with the game, Grand Theft Auto is a video game that generally revolves around getting in shootouts with the police and stealing cars, as the name suggests. The game does have other sophisticated features such as being able to organize races and bank heists. While exciting, this not what caught the attention of engineers and scientists. The video game is very popular for having vehicles that resemble real world vehicles and setting designs that mirror those of major American cities. This may not be a coincidence.

The accuracy of the game to real life conditions allows engineers to re-create scenarios that may be otherwise impossible to test in real life. The intention of these tests is to gauge the intelligence of particular vehicles in certain driving conditions. Ultimately, engineers want to train the artificial intelligence used in autonomous vehicles to respond to road conditions through the information gathered from extensive experimentation.

Simulated Driving but Real Data

Autonomous vehicles use algorithms that can log millions of miles driven without having to be gassed, charged, or maintained like traditional vehicles. Some researchers believe that the “synthetic data” collected in video game testing is better for machine learning than data collected from real-world vehicles. This may be factual as the initial debut of semi-autonomous vehicles raised many safety questions.

There were instances where the vehicles would not respond to the driver’s commands and misjudge road obstacles. There was a specific instance where a driver’s vehicle guided the vehicle to drive underneath a semi truck. Vehicle safety is the biggest concern of those manufacturing autonomous vehicles as well as prospective vehicle owners. Such innovative technologies may make the idea of regular public use of autonomous vehicles a not-so-distant reality.

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