Car Accident Victim Rights

Car Accident Victim RightsYou might know a little bit about your rights if you’re in a car accident and you’re the driver of the vehicle. However, what about your rights as a car accident victim? Do you have any rights at all if you’re in an accident while your friend or relative is driving? This is a common question, and the answer is that yes, you do have rights, just like the driver has rights. Today, let’s talk about what a few of them are.

You Have the Right to Obtain Medical Attention

Let’s say you’re a car accident victim, but you don’t have health insurance coverage. That might hinder you from going to a nearby hospital to get checked out, just in case you were injured. When you’re in an accident, you have the right to get medical attention, even if the accident was minor, and you didn’t think you were hurt. Some injuries can stay hidden for a period of time, and others are things you might not have noticed. You should still get checked by a doctor, and rest assured that the cost of the medical bill will be covered.

You Have the Right to Compensation

Although insurance companies can drag their feet for months or even years after a car accident has occurred, as a passenger in one of the vehicles, you do have the right to compensation. This can sometimes be a lengthy process, and every case is going to be different, of course. If the accident was caused by both drivers, there may be some debate as far as which insurance company is going to pay the most for your pain, suffering and injuries. Even so, you do have the right to be compensated.

You Have the Right to a Lawsuit

If you were a car accident victim in which one or both insurance companies aren’t willing to settle with you for the cost of your injuries, or they’re offering you an amount that much lower than what you should get, you have the right to a lawsuit. In order to know how you should proceed, however, it’s important to have a qualified attorney on hand. An attorney will discuss your case with you at length, and he or she will be able to offer you the legal advice you need. If you don’t have an attorney, your case could drag on for a long time, leaving you with a mounting pile of medical bills and other expenses. Once an attorney gets involved, resolutions usually come about much faster.

As a passenger, you generally have an easier case because either the person you were riding with was at fault, or the other driver was at fault. Either way, you should be compensated for your injuries. That includes any medical bills you may have incurred as well as money for your pain and suffering.

The best way to proceed is to contact an experienced attorney to discuss your case. You will get the best results with a qualified attorney on your side.