4 Mistakes Often Made When Negotiating Car Accident Settlements – By a Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer Resource

When negotiating car accident settlements on your own, mistakes are very common. Working with a Los Angeles car accident lawyer is always the best way to make sure you’re not missing something when you file your claim. Still, many people decide to go ahead and handle their own cases, and they do this for a lot of reasons. The biggest reason is probably simply because they want to avoid paying a lawyer fee. Fortunately, most car crash attorneys don’t charge an upfront fee, but not everyone is aware of this fact.

At CarAccidentCases.com, we’re happy to offer assistance regarding proving negligence and getting compensation for a car crash. Hiring a professional, Los Angeles auto accident lawyer allows you to avoid these types of costly mistakes.

  1. Failing to gather important documents – It’s vital to have the documents you need to prove you’re not liable for your accident when you’re filing a claim. Necessary documentation includes police reports, medical bills and medical records from the hospital or doctor’s office where you receive treatment.
  2. Failing to gather witness testimonies – Witness testimonies are a very important part of your auto accident claim. Witnesses will be able to provide their sides of the story, which gives your claim more strength.
  3. Speaking with the adjuster personally – It’s normal to think that it’s fine to talk with a car insurance adjuster after you’ve been in an accident. You want to come across as being someone who is easy to work with. However, saying the wrong thing can easily put your case in jeopardy, and their goal is to try and get you to admit fault. Once you do, your entire case can be rejected.
  4. Signing releases from the other driver’s insurance company – Again, in an effort to be compliant, many car accident victims sign their rights away before they receive compensation after a crash. The other driver’s insurance company may ask you to sign medical release forms or other types of forms, but you should refuse. There is no need to sign anything, and doing so can seriously harm your case.

Los Angeles car accident lawyer offers you the best chance of getting compensated when you’ve been in a car crash. All of these mistakes can easily be avoided by working with a professional, experienced car crash attorney. To read more about how a lawyer can assist you with negotiating a car accident settlement, please click here.

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