I Just had a Car Accident. What Do I Do About My Medical Bills?

“I have a mountain of medical bills on my desk because of my car accident. Does my insurance have to cover them? What do I do with them?”

It would be nice if you were able to just sit back, relax and recover after you’ve been in a car accident. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. There’s usually something you need to be concerned about, and in this case, your medical bills have been on your mind. Those concerns are only getting more and more serious as time goes by and the pile gets larger.

You might know that you don’t have to pay for them, but that doesn’t mean you know exactly how you should be proceeding after you’ve been in an accident. Should you submit them to your own medical insurance company? Is your car insurance responsible for them?

It’s understandable for you to have questions, and the rules are different depending on what state you live in. However, in most cases, when you’re in a car accident the only thing you need to do is submit them to your car accident lawyer. Your car accident settlement should cover your medical bills, so you can cross that worry off your list. If a healthcare provider asks you questions about your bills, simply refer that person to your attorney.

It’s only that simple if you work with a qualified car accident attorney who understands what the law says about what you’re entitled to. You have rights, and those rights should be protected. Your car accident lawyer will make sure they are.

If you need help finding a car accident lawyer that can represent you, we can help you with that. Please contact us right away.

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