What is an Injury Notification Letter?

You’ve just been in a car accident. You’re feeling nervous about what the future holds for your health and well-being, not to mention the damage that was done to your car. You know you weren’t at fault, and you’re quite sure you did everything right when the accident happened.

Perhaps some of your friends and family members are encouraging you to write an injury notification letter as soon as possible, but you have no idea what that means. Should you write one immediately? What should it say, and to whom does it go?

Injury notification letters are letters that are written to an insurance agency regarding the accident, the injuries you sustained, and your intention to seek compensation for those injuries. They can be a very important part of your case, but they are different from an injury demand letter, which requires more information. This article offers you some valuable details about injury notification letters.

When Should You Write an Injury Notification Letter?

An injury notification letter is something that can be written very soon after your accident happened. In fact, it is better not to wait too long to notify the other party that you intend to seek restitution for your injuries. Some people wait a few weeks to write their letters, but it’s more important to make sure you include the appropriate items in your letter, rather than worry about when you should send it.

What Should Your Letter Include?

Basically, the purpose of an injury demand letter is to inform the at-fault party, their insurance company and possibly even their lawyer of your intention to begin a legal claim for your injuries. You should try to keep the letter simple, especially if you don’t quite know the extent of your injuries yet. Remember, the letter is written solely for the purpose of letting the other party know that you have been injured and you intend to seek compensation. You should also ask for information about the other party’s insurance coverage, including any extra or umbrella protection that might be available on the policy.

Who Should Write the Letter?

Many people who are in car accidents represent themselves, and so they write their own letters. However, it will be much easier for you if the entire process is handled by an attorney. A qualified attorney will know exactly what to include in your notification letter, and the letter will be probably be taken more seriously. They need to be grammatically correct and free from spelling errors. Your best course of action is to leave every type of legal action in the hands of an attorney who has experience in this area of the law because you can be sure the proper steps are taken and because you want the other party to take quick actions.

If you are cautious to take the right steps after your car accident, you’ll increase your chances of getting properly compensated. It all starts with an injury notification letter, and your attorney will know how to proceed once that part has been completed.

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