What You Should Know About Car Accident Compensation Claims, Part 2

“I have so many questions about my car accident compensation claim. Where can I find the answers I need? Is there a Car Accident lawyer in New York whom I can easily approach? What can i claim in a car accident?”

Welcome back to the second post in our series on car accident compensation claims. We’re glad you’ve returned to learn more about what goes into creating your claim. The fact that you’re here means that you’ve recently been the victim in a car accident and you’re looking for answers. We have what you need, and we’re happy to provide you with the information.

Let’s continue with more about what goes into putting together your car accident injury claims.

Your Lost Wages

Not being able to go to work is a serious hardship for most people. Perhaps your family is depending on you and the money you bring into the home. It’s possible that without your income they could run into serious problems such as not being able to pay for food or even regular household bills. Some families have emergency funds, but that’s just not true for everyone. While you might be able to get temporary disability to provide you with some amount of money while you’re not able to work, it won’t make up for your entire paycheck. Your car accident lawyer will include your lost wages in your car accident claim.

Your Future Lost Wages

When you file your car accident claim, you probably won’t necessarily know just when you’ll be going back to work. You might have extensive injuries that will require months of therapy before you’re able to walk, or you might have other significant problems that prevent you from doing your job. Your attorney will talk with the appropriate people to get an estimate about how much money you’re losing in wages for the future, and that will be included in your claim too.

Please check back for the final post in this series on car accident claims. If you are based in New York and need help getting in touch with a car accident lawyer, please contact us at (516) 582-4367, or visit www.caraccidentcases.com

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