Who Should You Talk to after a Car Accident?

You’ve been in a car accident, and it’s normal that you feel a little shaken up. You want to cooperate with everyone, even the other driver (who was clearly at fault) and his insurance company. Still, you’re not sure what you should do, or who you should be talking to (or not talking to).

This is very common after a car accident. People feel like they want to smooth everything over, so they’re very eager to be cooperative. Even so, there are some people you need to talk to, and some you absolutely should not be talking to after a car accident.

People to Avoid

After you’ve been a car accident, most insurance companies will abide by the “rules” and won’t contact you. However, some of them might contact you in the hopes that they can offer you a smaller settlement or coerce you into agreeing to signing something that releases them from being liable for the accident. For that reason, you should avoid talking with the other driver’s insurance company. If they do contact you, instruct them to talk with your lawyer, and ask them not to contact you again. By all means, refuse to sign anything they ask you to sign.

You should also avoid talking with the driver of the other car. Emotions are often quite high after an accident has occurred, and the last thing you need to get into a shouting match over what happened. It’s best to avoid those types of confrontations altogether.

People to Communicate With

It’s possible that you will need to talk with the police officer or another officer at the local police station after the accident has occurred. This is perfectly fine because you need to access any reports they have on file to give to your attorney. It is also perfectly fine for you to talk with a representative from your own insurance agency. You will need to do this in order to find out what steps you should take to get an estimate on repairs for your vehicle, if needed.

Your attorney should be the main person you talk to following a car accident. He or she will have all of the information you need, and be able to answer your questions. During the course of your physical and emotional recovery, you’ll need to know that your attorney is there to help you and talk with you about your concerns.

Of course, when in doubt about whether or not you should talk with anyone else following the accident, it’s always best to defer to your attorney before you engage with that person. The fact is that you just don’t know who you can trust, and it’s better to be cautious and protect the integrity of your case.

No matter how severe or minor your car accident was, a qualified attorney is your best bet for reaching a resolution with the other driver’s insurance company. You deserve a fair settlement, and your attorney will work hard to help you get one.

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