Black Ice Accident Attorney

Winter is one of the most dangerous seasons for drivers. The weather drops to the lowest temperatures of the year and road conditions drastically change. The snow begins to pile up in driveways and busy streets alike, making your daily commute all the more difficult. Along with snow and frigid winds, the cold weather can cause roads to be coated with black ice. Navigating icy roads can be arduous and has the potential of causing devastating accidents.

Being involved in a black ice accident can cause serious injuries that may require extensive medical attention. You may be stuck with incredibly high hospital bills and a damaged vehicle. Make sure you get the compensation you deserve. Contact Car Accident Cases to get in touch with a local black ice accident attorney.

Black Ice Accidents

Black ice is not necessarily black, rather transparent to the point that the black pavement underneath can be seen clearly. Unlike snow or rain in which you can clearly identify and navigate around, it can be very difficult to spot black ice which can cause serious accidents for unsuspecting drivers. It is important that you educate yourself on black ice to prepare yourself to drive in such potentially dangerous conditions. Here are a few tips:

  • Black ice usually forms at night and in the early morning
  • Black ice will form on roads that may not get much direct sunlight (tree-covered paths)
  • Black ice forms on bridges, ovepasses, and roads beneath overpasses
  • Avoid travelling closely behind another vehicle to give yourself room to stop
  • Keep the wheel straight and do not hit the brakes when driving over black ice

It is also suggested to avoid speeding, distracted driving, and overtaking when black ice is suspected to be a factor. Black ice accidents are usually single car accidents but can also cause multi-car pile ups when streets are highly congested. Make sure to stay up to date on traffic news and updates. They can forewarn you of areas prone to car accidents, allowing you to choose alternate routes for your commute.

Black ice makes for troublesome driving conditions that can lead to life-threatening car accidents. If you or someone you know is injured in a black ice car accident, reach out to Car Accident Cases for a free case evaluation. We can get you in touch with an experienced black ice accident attorney who can analyze the facts of your case and seek maximum compensation for your losses.