Your Car Accident Case: How Important are Witnesses?

I just got in a car accident, and I noticed there are witnesses who saw what happened. Can they be useful for my case?”

Getting into a auto accident can be a terrible experience. Not only do you have a lot of pain because of your injuries, but you also have to worry about your vehicle being totaled or wrecked. To top it off, the person who hit you might not be interested in taking responsibility for his actions, which leaves you to wonder what else you can do to prove that you did nothing wrong.

Witnesses can be a vital component to your case. After an accident occurs, a police officer will fill out a police report and you can obtain a copy of the report at your local police station. If witnesses saw what happened, the officer will usually interview them and include their names and contact information. This information should be included on your report.

Occasionally, there are no witnesses when an accident takes place, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pursue alternate “witnesses.” Perhaps the accident happened near a store or an ATM machine that has a security camera. Or, it’s possible that someone saw what happened from a window inside their home. If you think outside the box, you can usually come up with some type of witness or form of media that can prove your innocence in your case.

Your car accident lawyer can help you contact witnesses or obtain any video footage you need to support your case. Having witness testimonies can tip the scales in your favor, considerably, which is why is always a good idea to obtain them if you can.

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