Interstate Highway Accident

Vehicular accidents on freeways, expressways, and interstates are far more likely to be fatal than on other roads. This is so as the vehicles tend to be traveling at a high velocity when a collision occurs. Higher speeds make it more likely for a minor bump to cause one or both of them to lose control, spin out, and result in a violent crash. Pileups can also occur due to the speeds involved.

Causes of Interstate Accidents

It is most common for interstate accidents to include cars because nothing is requiring their drivers to have received special driving training. Unlike those who have been trained to drive specialized vehicles such as trucks, drivers of compact cars are likely to speed, which is precisely the cause of roughly half of all collisions in the country.

A driver of any vehicle, however, can also fall prey to any number of distractions from within the vehicle itself such as texting on the road. These are as likely to prompt a driver to crash as the driver being legally inebriated while driving.

Although truck drivers are well-trained, the sheer size of their vehicles can make even the slightest mishap a deadly one. That same size factor can also play into truck drivers being unable to avoid road hazards that a compact, maneuverable car is better equipped to maneuver around

Even the road itself can manifest hazardous conditions because of improper design. While many freeways are constructed in accordance with modern safety specifications, the few that have not can cause accidents that are hardly the driver’s fault.

How an Interstate Accident Attorney can Help

Whatever the cause, anyone who has experienced an accident should consult an interstate accident attorney who can help seek financial compensation. With the attorney’s assistance you can determine how much relief you are entitled to, and your chances of winning the case. We understand the severity of interstate accidents, which is why it is vital you seek legal help as soon as possible. Contact Car Accident Cases today to get paired with an experienced interstate accident attorney in your area who can guide you through the legal process.