Top Four Medical Conditions That Can Lead to a Vehicle Accident

In the most basic term, an accident can be termed to have happened at the wrong time and in the wrong place. Although accidents are caused by different reasons, some are because of medical conditions. These conditions affect the quality of driving. When looking at the aspect of negligence, car accident lawyers pay much attention to the issue of medical condition.

Medical Conditions

A car accident may be caused by someone’s judgment. Taking the eyes off the road for a moment is highly likely to make an individual to be involved in a serious car accident. Some of the severe medical conditions that may jeopardize an individual’s ability to control a vehicle include impaired vision, stroke, seizure and heart attack. Other conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are highly likely to increase one’s risk of causing or being involved in a vehicle accident.


When a person suffers stroke, the blood flow to the brain is interrupted. This situation causes a rapid loss of the normal functioning of the brain. During such a period, the brain cannot function. It is possible that in this fashion, one side of the body or usually one or both limbs may be affected.

Heart Attack

Alternatively, when blood stops flowing in a normal way, an individual may suffer heart attack. In such conditions, one is likely to lose consciousness, thus becoming involved in an accident.


Seizures cause lapse consciousness that makes it difficult for one to control the vehicle.

Impaired Vision

Impaired vision makes it difficult for a driver to have a clear sight. This situation is likely to raise the stakes in regard to danger, thus making it highly likely that the driver will not be able to see any obstacle or vehicle in front of them.


Other medical conditions such as dementia affect a person’s faculty of driving a vehicle. These conditions often make a driver to forget the rules of the road. No person is able to foresee a vehicle accident that may be caused by a medical condition. In some instances, it presents a gray area in law as to who is responsible for a vehicle accident. The non-medically related causes presented for types of  accidents are bad weather, aggressive driving, distracted driving, fatigued/drowsy driving, excessive speed, driving under the influence of alcohol and wildlife-vehicle collisions.

Medical conditions such as these are impossible to foresee. Car accidents caused by medical conditions require careful attention and expertise. If you were involved in a car accident involving a medical condition, find your experienced attorney with Car Accident Cases.

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