After Your Car Accident: Insurance Companies 101, Part 3

Thanks for checking back with us for the final article in our series on insurance companies. As you can see, dealing with insurance companies without the proper knowledge and legal support can be a real hassle, and one false move can really hurt your case.

In our previous article, we started to talk about several tips for you regarding insurance companies if you’re ever in a car accident. In this final article in our series, we’ll finish by discussing a few more helpful tips that you can use.

Tip #5: Make sure the insurance company has accepted liability before getting repairs – Many car accident victims have taken their cars for estimates and then authorized the repairs before they find out the other driver’s insurance will pay for them. That can cause you many problems for a variety of reasons. You may be stuck with a huge car repair bill that you’re not prepared to pay. If you’re not working with an attorney, getting authorization can take months. You need to know the insurance company has OK’d the repairs and make sure you have that authorization in writing before you proceed.

Tip #6: Know your state’s prompt payment laws – In most states, it’s the law for insurance companies to conduct a thorough investigation into an accident. They cannot simply deny the claim because their policy-holder’s story differs from your story. However, don’t be surprised if they attempt to draw out your case as long as they can. Every state has laws in place that protect car accident victims, and your state will have its own prompt payment laws. Find out what they are. If you’re working with an attorney, he will know and he’ll make sure those laws are enforced when he’s working on your case.

Tip #7: Let your attorney handle it all – While you might be nervous about hiring an attorney to represent you, please rest assured that a professional who has helped others in your situation is your best asset during this difficult time. Your attorney will advise you about what, if anything, you should be doing. He’ll handle the paperwork, talk with the insurance company and send out the appropriate letters. All you will need to do is make sure you’re getting the proper medical care and take your car in for estimates. It’s much easier when you have someone who knows the process, and you’re much less likely to make a mistake that could cost you thousands of dollars off your settlement.

Car accidents can certainly be confusing, especially when you’ve never been in an accident before. You probably have many different, well-meaning people offering you advice about how to proceed and what you should be doing. However, insurance companies can be deceitful. Even the most popular insurance companies that you would expect to conduct their business in a way that demonstrates their high ethical standards can drag their feet.

Save yourself the headaches and the money and talk with an attorney about your car accident claim.

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