Best New York Car Accident Lawyer for your Injury Claim?

Should I Hire a Lawyer for a Car Accident if No One was Seriously Hurt?

“I was just in an accident, but I’m fine. Should I hire a lawyer for a car accident if no one was hurt at all? If am I based in New York, who is the best NY car accident lawyer to go to?”

Imagine that you’re sitting there in stop and go traffic. It’s getting late, and you were supposed to be at your appointment an hour ago, but you’ve been stuck in this traffic jam. You start to go and then you stop when you see the tail lights in front of you glowing red. You roll your eyes at yet another delay, and then you’re hit from behind. It wasn’t a hard hit, but you know someone hit you. It was enough to jolt you a bit, and you figure the right thing to do is to get out of your car and look at the damage.

You pull over as soon as you can and the other driver does too. Together you look at the damage and he’s apologizing profusely. He never meant to hit you, but he glanced down at his phone and didn’t realize you had stopped. There’s only the slightest dent in your bumper and his car seems fine.

This is a pretty typical scenario as far as car accidents are concerned. You don’t seem to be hurt, so why would you need a car accident lawyer? What to do when a car hits your car?

The truth is that these types of incidents are rarely as cut and dried as they seem. You might not feel injured right now, but what happens when that back pain starts up in a day or two? How about what happens when your bumper falls off next month and causes a wreck on the highway? You need to be informed on the right procedure after car accident.

The best thing you can do in this type of situation is to contact a car accident lawyer. If you are based in New York, you can contact us by calling (516) 582-4367, or you may visit Contact us today to get the appropriate advice for your legal dilemma.

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