How to Get Compensated for Property Damaged After a Car Crash, Part Two – From a Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer Resource

Thank you for checking back for the second post in our series on how to get compensated for property that has been damaged after a car crash. Once you contact a Los Angeles car accident lawyer, it’s vital for you to start preparing everything you need to prepare for filing your claim. In our first post in this series, we discussed the importance of taking pictures, documenting everything in an accident diary and preparing to wait for your vehicle to be repaired. There are a few additional things you should be doing as well.

Here at, we’ve worked with many auto wreck victims who had damaged property, and it’s important to note that your car is not necessarily the only thing that can be included in your settlement. Let’s talk about what to include in a settlement claim, even if your vehicle was totaled and is beyond repair at this point.

Your Personal Property

The personal property you had with you in your vehicle at the time of the accident should be compensated for by the other driver’s insurance company. That means the values of these items should be included in your claim. Take photos of everything that’s of value so that you can demonstrate that it was damaged, and find receipts if you’re able to. If you don’t have receipts, you can try contacting the stores where you bought the items to get copies. A few items that might fall into this category include digital cameras, cell phones, computers, car seats and GPS systems.

Replacing Your Vehicle

Some accidents are serious enough that they result in totalled cars. If this is the case for you, you have a right to request a replacement vehicle. Please keep in mind that replacing your vehicle after an accident does not mean that you will get a brand new car. Your vehicle will be assessed for the value prior to the crash, and you should expect to get that amount of money once your settlement has been negotiated.

If you enjoyed this series on property damage after a car accident, and you want to learn more about filing a claim, please refer to our series entitled, Understanding Your Personal Injury Settlement for your Car Accident.

At, we’re always sharing valuable articles that we feel can enhance your knowledge as you work toward getting a resolution for your claim. As a victim, it’s vital for you to work with a knowledgeable Los Angeles car accident lawyer. Please check back often for more on the following topics:

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