After a Car Accident, What Do I Do About Contacting Insurance?

“I know how important it is to do all the right things after a car accident. What do I do about contacting insurance? Is it OK to talk with the other driver’s insurance company? What about my own? What is the best way to contact a New York accident lawyer?”

It is an incredibly trying and difficult time for you after you’ve been in a car accident. You want to do all the right things because you might know someone who has been through these challenges before.

One of the questions many people have about is how to deal with insurance after a car accident. We’d like to offer you some advice that can help.

Your Insurance Company

If you plan on claiming insurance after a car accident from your insurance company, you need to report the accident right away. It demonstrates good faith to them when you’re honest, but you need to be sure to tell them that you’re the victim. They may ask you for additional information about what happened, and that’s OK. Work with them and give them the information they need. Just make sure they know the accident wasn’t your fault.

The Other Driver’s Insurance Company

The other driver’s insurance company is an entirely different story. They may call you and try to talk to you about the accident, but you are under no obligation to talk with them about anything. Don’t be surprised if they try to bully you into talking to them. You don’t have to. They may even try scare tactics such as telling you that it will affect your settlement if you don’t cooperate. Tell them to contact your car accident lawyer and hang up.

Dealing with insurance companies is only one of the tricky parts of navigating your car accident case. Your lawyer will be able to help you through it all. If you are from New York and you need help finding a car accident lawyer, please contact us at (516) 582-4367, or visit our website

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