Sideswipe Car Accidents and Collisions

When two vehicles are traveling beside each other and collide, then it is a sideswipe accident. Sideswipe accidents can be both same direction and opposite direction. The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety reported that opposite direction sideswipe accidents are 4 times as likely to occur as same direction sideswipe accidents. In many circumstances, these accidents occur when a driver changes lanes without first making sure it is safe, which results in a collision with the adjacent vehicle. Sideswipe accidents are increasing due to high speed automobiles and distracted drivers.

Many times sideswipe accidents occur when a driver is distracted for only a second or two. When an individual drives 60 miles per hour, the vehicle is moving 88 feet per second. This means that a split second can result in a vehicle swerving into another lane and moving a distance equal to a half of a football field in 2 seconds. Sideswipe accidents can also happen when there are two lanes that merge and both drivers are not paying attention or do not yield the right of way.

When a driver overcompensates or overreacts to avoid a possible rear end collision, it could result in the vehicle colliding with the adjacent vehicle. Furthermore, as a result of the negligent driver’s actions, the victim’s vehicle could collide with another object or vehicle.

Vehicles are manufactured to provide maximum protection from head on collisions and rear end accidents. With the increase in sideswipe accidents, automobile manufactures have started producing vehicles with side airbags as standard safety features. However, this feature is only seen in newer models, so older vehicles do not have a crush zone to absorb the impact in sideswipe collisions. Many times sideswipe collisions can result in an additional collision with fixed objects, which include telephone poles, light posts, or trees. With sideswipe accidents, the second collision is usually responsible for serious injuries and death.

There are many circumstances that could involve a sideswipe accident. When an accident results in injury or death, then the victim or victim’s family should seek legal guidance from an experienced attorney. There are many sideswipe accidents that are caused by negligent truck drivers, bus drivers, cab driver, and other irresponsible drivers. An experienced and trusted attorney can determine who is responsible for the accident and can help clients receive compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and more. Many times it can be difficult for a victim of a sideswipe accident to prove the other driver is at fault, which is why it is important to retain an experienced car accident attorney.

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