How to Safely Merge onto the Highway

Driving within the confines of the law can sometimes be difficult. There are definite rules that govern how people should drive in any number of circumstances, but it can become a bit complicated once you actually get on the road. Many motorists who have been driving for years still have questions regarding intricacies of particular road rules including who has the right-of-way when merging on the highway.

Determining the Right-of-Way

There is often a dispute over the question of who has the right-of-way between freeway traffic moving along and those who are trying to merge onto the freeway. While many believe that they just have to negotiate these things with the other drivers on the road as they happen, that is not actually the truth.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles handbook states that the freeway traffic has the right-of-way when a vehicle is attempting to merge onto the highway. It’s difficult to dispute the logic here. The freeway traffic is already moving at high speeds, and they need to be able to continue driving at that speed without a slow-moving vehicle cutting them off. Those who are merging onto the highway have to wait until there’s an opening before they can join highway traffic. Highway drivers do not have an obligation to slow down to let mergers over.

Highway Merging Accidents

It is important to know who has the right-of-way in the event of a highway merging accident. If you are traveling on the highway and are cut off by a merging vehicle, the law considers the driver of the merging vehicle to be at fault. Those who may not be aware can easily assume that they are at fault simply because they were driving faster than the other car in the accident. This is not the case. An experienced car accident attorney can point out such specifics to help you secure fair compensation for your car accident.

There are many misconceptions drivers have about road rules that often keep them from pursuing legal action in the event of a vehicular collision. This why you shouldn’t attempt to seek compensation without the legal assistance of a qualified attorney. Car Accident Case can get you in touch with an experienced attorney who can make you aware of your rights as a car accident victim. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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