New York Auto Crash Lawyer Resource Discusses Passenger Rights Following an Accident


New York auto crash lawyer resource covers passenger accidents and how they should respond to being involved in an accident. Public transportation and private transportation are covered.

For Immediate Release: One New York auto crash lawyer resource has taken on the subject of passengers who are in car accidents. This is a topic that often creates confusion in the minds of car accident victims, because most people are not sure what passengers’ rights are after they have been injured on public transportation or after they have been in some type of car crash. discusses this topic on their blog in the most recent articles. Regardless of who was at fault for the accident, most passengers do not realize that they have a right to file an accident claim with a New York auto crash attorney. However, in their article, New York Car Wreck Lawyer Resource: Advice for Passengers after Accidents, the steps that passengers should take are outlined in great detail. It is possible to get accident settlements for passengers, and those who work with a qualified attorney have a much better chance of being successful.

Public transportation is another gray area, and in the city of New York, people experience injuries on various public transportation vehicles every day. Subways, trains, taxicabs and other forms of transportation are difficult to monitor, and the safety of passengers isn’t always the main concern for drivers or operators. Even so, when injuries occur, it is important for passengers to understand that they do not have to cover expensive medical bills out of their own pockets. Contacting a lawyer is the best way to obtain a settlement from public transportation companies that were negligent. More information about public transportation accidents can be found by reading their article, Can Passengers in Public Transportation Accidents be Compensated?

In general, according to, passengers have many of the same rights that other personal injury or car accident victims have. They have a right to get medical treatment and they have a right to pursue a legal case for a settlement to cover their damages. Passenger victims should not delay in filing a legal claim. Quick action can result in a quicker resolution, and a New York auto crash attorney will be able to assist them. is an excellent resource for car crash victims that’s based in New York City. They also provide informational services to victims in Los Angeles, California.

Media personnel are encouraged to contact at their New York City office by calling 516-582-4367. They can be reached in Los Angeles at 562-200-0093.

Victims who have been passengers or drivers in car accidents should contact for more information on how to obtain the help of a New York auto crash lawyer. The website blog is also a valuable resource.