Exploring the Various Causes of Auto Crashes, Part One – From a Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney Resource

Los Angeles car accident attorneys see a variety of car accident claims, and it’s amazing when you think about how many causes for car accidents there are. Perhaps you’ve recently been a victim, and you’re wondering about getting compensated for an auto crash. There are a lot of reasons why these types of accidents happen in the first place, and if one of them was committed by the other driver during your wreck, it can make filing a claim for an accident a lot easier.

At CarAccidentCases.com, we’re going to cover several reasons why car crashes occur in this series.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving refers to using a cell phone or another electronic device while operating a vehicle. When most people hear that term, they immediately think of texting, but it can also refer to phone calls, using the Internet or playing cell phone games while you’re operating a car. These types of crashes account for a growing number of the accidents that happen every day, and despite the laws that have been passed, the frequency of them doesn’t seem to be going down.


Most drivers abide by the “5 mph over the speed limit is OK” rule in most parts of Los Angeles, but occasionally, there are people who push it to ten, twenty, and even thirty miles over. Speeding causes crashes, plain and simple.

Drunk Driving

Drinking alcohol causes you to lose your ability to function behind the wheel of a car. That’s just the way it is. While there is a legal blood alcohol content (BAC) limit, it takes little more than one drink for the average person to reach that limit. Drunk driving causes a lot of accidents every single day.

If you’re considering working with a Los Angeles car accident attorney to help you with your case, if one of these reasons applies to the driver who hit you, your lawyer can help you with filing a claim for the crash.

Please check back for the second post in this series on the most common reasons car accidents occur. If you are interested in learning more about filing a claim for an accident for yourself, you’ll find our recent article entitled, Your Accident Injury Claim on our blog.

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