I was Hit by a Car While Walking. What do I do? Advice from a New York Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

As experienced pedestrian accident attorneys in New York, we hear this from people all the time: I was hit by a car while walking. What do I do now? The truth is that New York is a very busy place to live, and pedestrian accidents are far too common. According to the Department of Vehicles, the number of pedestrian accidents is well over 15,000. Even so, there are legal rights for a pedestrian hit by a car. In fact, in New York, there are laws when you’re hit by a car as a pedestrian. It’s important for you to know what you’re entitled to.

Medical Treatment at a Local Hospital

Many people believe they’re not entitled to receive any type of assistance with their medical bills if they’re in a car accident as a pedestrian. That is simply not true. You do have the right to get the necessary medical treatment at your local emergency room, and you definitely should. Your health is important, and you should use care to keep all of your bills and records in a safe place for use later on.

Payments for Pain and Suffering

Payments for pain and suffering are often available to you if you’ve been in a pedestrian accident in New York, but you have to have an attorney who will ask for these payments. Remember, you have most likely lost time from work, lost a lot of your enjoyment of life, and possibly even had to change positions at work if your injuries were severe enough. These are all because of your pain and suffering, and it’s important for you to be compensated for that loss.

Getting Compensation if Hit by a Car While Walking

Working with a New York pedestrian accident lawyer will allow you to get the best possible settlement for your accident case. This accident has caused you a great deal of harm and inconvenience, and you want to be sure your losses are covered as a victim.

If you’re thinking, I was hit by a car while walking; what do I do? Then your best option is to contact a New York pedestrian accident attorney who will guide you.

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