The 10 Most Bizarre Car Crash Stories

Everything seems to have an interesting story, even car accidents. Although car crashes are very serious and dangerous situations, these 10 stories prove they can also be absolutely bizarre. Here are some of the weirdest car crash stories you will ever read.

A Man Wanted to Renew His License, but Crashed into the Licensing Office

In 2010, in Spokane Valley, Washington, a man was on his way to the Department of Licensing Office to renew his driver’s license. Unfortunately, instead of parking his car and walking into the building, he crashed into it. The accident occurred at approximately 1:00 in the afternoon and apparently happened because he accidentally slipped his foot off the brake and onto the gas pedal while pulling into a parking spot. As a result, his car went over the curb and crashed about three-quarters of the way into the building.

A Man Crashed into a Restaurant and Ordered Food

In early 2013, an elderly man was driving his Honda Fit and suddenly discovered that his foot had gotten stuck on the accelerator. As a result, he crashed right into a restaurant called “Valentino’s.” Witnesses immediately dialed 911 for help, but the old man called the restaurant from inside the vehicle to order a pizza. His car fit perfectly through the restaurant doors, and he was strangely very calm. Once help arrived, he was taken to the hospital, but seemed to be fine.

Crash Saved Truck Driver’s Life

Oddly, in 2011, a collision actually saved a truck driver’s life! The trucker from Pennsylvania told police that he was driving at 9:00 am when he suddenly choked on a piece of apple he was eating and passed out. His truck ended up crashing into a road barrier. It turned out that when the trucker crashed, he hit his chest against the steering wheel, releasing the apple piece on which he’d been choking. According to a police lieutenant, the crash saved the man’s life.

Woman Stole Truck and Crashed into Police Station

In 2012, a young woman stole a pickup truck, which was promptly reported by the owner to police. The police chased the woman for a few minutes, but it ended abruptly when she crashed into the police station.

Woman’s Car Was So Trashy, It Led to an Accident

In 2007, a woman in Massachusetts crashed her car, but when police went to the scene, they discovered a mound of trash that reached the vehicle’s ceiling. The unbelievable amount of garbage led to the crash because there were items under the gas and brake pedals, causing the woman to lose control of the car.

Car Crash Crushed Longest Fingernails

A Salt Lake City woman who went into the Guinness Book of World Records for having the longest fingernails in the world was in an accident in 2009. The four-car pileup caused her to lose her nails, and after 30 years of growing them, she decided she wasn’t going to grow them out again.

Man Tried to Stop His Car like Fred Flintstone

In 2011, a young man tried using his feet to stop his car, but he failed. Instead, the car hit four other cars. The driver was operating the car on a suspended license and was overly tired at the time of the accident.

Woman Crashed into Two Business in Two Days with Two Cars

In 2012, a woman experienced two different crashes driving two different cars. She crashed into two different businesses. Police believed she confused the brake and gas pedals. The accidents occurred in Illinois and involved a Dunkin Donuts and an Eye Care Center.

Teen Stole Car and Crashed after Seeing His Mom in Another Lane

A 13-year-old boy stole a car in 2012 and went joyriding. Unfortunately, he spotted his mother in another lane and ended up distracted enough to crash into a tree. He went to the hospital for treatment for a broken nose and injured hip.

2-Year-Old Crashed Truck into House

In 2013, a Georgia couple returned home to discover that someone had driven a red pickup truck into their house. The driver was a two-year-old.

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