When Your Neck Hurts After a Car Crash

Neck injuries are very common in car accidents. In fact, it’s also very common for people to not realize they have a serious neck injury for a few days or even a few weeks after the accident has occurred. You might be at a loss for what your next moves should be if you hurt your neck in a car accident. Hopefully this article will offer you some guidance.

Go to the Doctor

Many people put off going to the doctor after they’ve been in a car accident because they don’t think their injuries are serious enough to require a medical appointment. Perhaps they don’t want to take the time, or maybe they don’t have medical insurance. Because neck injuries can occur some time after an accident has taken place, it’s important to be seen by a doctor, regardless of your ability to pay or lack of medical insurance. Your visit will be covered in your car accident settlement.

Comply with All Treatment Recommendations

If you’re someone who doesn’t have insurance, it’s tempting to ignore any treatment recommendations. However, your health is important, and you need to be well for yourself as well as for your family. Make sure you go to all of your appointments and get any tests they think you need. These will be covered in your settlement too.

Contact a Car Accident Lawyer

Finally, a car accident lawyer can assist you with filing a claim for your injuries. It’s tempting to try and file a claim on your own, but your lawyer will know exactly what you need to do. It’s best for you to concentrate on feeling better and healing, especially with a neck injury.

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