Understanding Settlement Negotiations with Insurance Adjusters – By a New York Car Accident Attorney Resource

When filing a claim for an auto accident crash, New York car accident attorneys understand that it’s not just about getting through the negotiations as quickly as possible so that they can move on to assist their next client. Many victims feel that their cases should produce quick results, but most of the time, getting compensation for a car accident takes a bit of time.

By learning more about how personal injury cases work on CarAccidentCases.com, you’ll see how there are vital steps when it comes to settlement negotiations, and insurance company adjusters are not always the easiest people to work with. Their goal is to settle car accident claims for less than they would need to pay out if the case were to go to court. Even so, they will do their best to offer lower settlements in hopes that an agreement can be made for just the hard costs.

New York auto crash lawyer of CarAccidentCases.com understands that negotiations are never settled overnight. Because they have the experience that’s required to get a fair settlement, they’re careful to proceed with three general rules in mind:

  • Know how to refute denials – Perhaps your doctor ordered an MRI, but then subsequent pain caused him to order another MRI. The insurance adjuster may refuse to pay for the second test. A lawyer knows that it is not his place to judge medical necessity, and he will bring this fact to the adjuster’s attention.
  • Know how to take time – While the case might seem to drag on to you, the insurance adjuster knows that he only has a small window of time to come to an agreement for a settlement. If he makes an offer, don’t be surprised if your attorney tells him he needs to consider it over the weekend and then doesn’t return his call until the middle of the week. This creates a sense of urgency in the mind of the adjuster. It’s his job to bring the case to a close, without it being sent to the legal department.
  • Know how to show proof of past claims – New York car accident attorneys have so many resources available to them, and they’re ready to demonstrate proof of similar settlements that have been paid in the past.

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