New York Car Accident Attorney Resource Advises on Sending a Notification Letter after a Crash

qualified New York car accident attorney will inform you that sending a notification letter is a very crucial part when you’re beginning to form your case for an auto crash settlement. The letter is designed to inform that at-fault party of your intention to seek compensation for your injuries and any and all damages related to your case. You can learn more about what constitutes as damages in your car accident case by clicking here.

At, we want to emphasize the fact that the notification letter is very important if one of two things is true. First, it is a way to notify the other driver if you were not able to obtain his or her insurance information at the scene of the accident. This often occurs for victims whose injuries are severe, and so the only thing they’re worried about at that moment is getting medical attention. Secondly, you may use a notification letter to inform the other driver of your intention to sue for damages if he or she does not have car insurance. While this doesn’t happen quite as much, it does happen. However, if you do have the other insurance company’s information, you can send a copy of this letter to them directly as well.

When writing your notification letter, remember to keep it simple. You want to be sure your letter is free from any errors, and you want to avoid giving too much information. You may not have all of the details about your medical treatments or about your car estimates, but it’s not necessary to include them in this particular letter. This information is best reserved for your personal injury demand letter, which will be sent when you have more details. Simply include the date and approximate time of your accident, and your intention to pursue compensation. This serves as proper notice to the other driver, and his or her insurance company if that applies.

Taking the proper steps after you’ve been in a car accident will help the settlement process proceed much faster. A New York car accident attorney can help you with the notification letter, and all of the other steps that need to be taken for you to have a much quicker resolution and compensation for your case.

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