New York Car Wreck Lawyer Resource Advice for Passengers After Auto Accidents


It’s common for passengers who have been victims in car accidents to feel confused about what they should be doing after the crash has occurred. They’re not sure if they should be contacting a New York car wreck lawyer, and they have a lot of questions, like:

  • Can a passenger file a car accident claim?
  • Is there compensation for passengers after a crash?
  • What are passengers’ rights after an auto accident has taken place?

Here at, we understand how nervous you might be feeling, especially considering that you may have a growing pile of medical bills and you may even be missing time from work. Let’s take a few minutes and talk about what you can focus on in order to be able to file a claim.

Getting Medical Care

There is nothing that’s more important than your health. Your first priority after your car accident should be getting the medical care you need. You should be seen at the local emergency room if you’re seriously hurt, and if your injuries are minor, make an immediate appointment with your doctor. Don’t worry about figuring out how you’re going to cover the expenses of going to the doctor. Your New York car accident attorney will help you get compensated for those costs.

Contact the Driver

Once you’re feeling better, you should contact the driver you were riding with to get his or her insurance information. You will need this information to give your lawyer when you’re ready to file a claim. You may even want to consider getting a copy of the insurance card, so you can be sure you have all the information you need.

Keep Track of All Expenses for Your Lawyer

Remember, every expense you have because of this accident can be submitted for compensation. It’s important to keep track of everything, even if you have to buy gauze or medical supplies. Keeping good records will ensure that you have what you need when your lawyer needs them to proceed with your case.

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